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Hauge Micro Finance

Our heart is to help the productive poor come out of poverty. We do so by providing basic life skills and business skills. Teaching how to save, and giving small loans to start their own income generating activity or business. By helping these productive poor, we believe they can in time create work places and also become people who help other people out of poverty.


Our Focus

Key areas of our operation


We give the productive poor the opportunity to create an income generating business through microfinance loans


Burundi is one of the poorest and most densely populated countries in Africa


Many of our customers
are amongst the poorest in the population


We want to be on the forefront of technological inventions to reduce our costs and deliver the cheapest possible services. Recently we have developed a new banking system specifically tailored for the needs in Burundi

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Hauge Micro Finance


New customers both depositing and lending through our microfinance


Lives changed


Families out of poverty


Generous people from Norway giving to the productive poor of Burundi


Hans Nielsen Hauge

Our source of inspiration

Inspired by Hans Nielsen Hauge (1771-1824), his commitment to community building, Hauge Micro Finance wishes to be a contributor to the fact that more of the world’s poor can access financial services so that both families and the local community can be helped out of poverty.

On this basis, Hauge Micro Finance wants to help make a difference for these people by providing skills, facilitation of savings and loan groups, as well as providing financial loan support for projects. With this, it is not only desired that one person should be helped to create a viable income but also create jobs and have a positive effect on the local community. To help those who want to help themselves in a sustainable way, we believe that is a good foundation for more people to get out of poverty in the short and long term.


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